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pastor Mandla Nxumalo

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Religion


“may his soul rest in peace”

By Aubrey Moeketsi

the death of pastor mandla mxumalo has came as a real shock to most of us who knew him, i once attended a crusade where he was preaching and i was inspired by both his level of success (business-wise) and how he disected the word of God that day….

what inspired me most is how he made it from a poor broke rural boy to a succesful business man…the manner in which he died really left me in total shock….

how can a man of God die like a common thieve?

All three of them (him and his two body guards) were attacked by angry workers who hacked them to death….
how can this be? he had two body guards that day…God was there too….who do we blame, how can humans do this? was he a fraud?was he a con-artist who preyed on vulnerable poor unemployed ppl?…was it a set up?…..*only God knows*

whatever the case, he inspired me

May his soul rest in peace!