This Valentine what to get your Man

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Lifestyle

This Valentine what to get your Man

This Valentine what to get your Man

By Aubrey Moeketsi

Ok, we all know that Valentine’s Day is certainly a holiday that’s geared toward women; it’s that time of the year when men are expected to reach down deep inside their pockets to please their. Look, we understand all that;  however, I feel that it’s a new day, times has changed, valentine should  no longer be all about women  and what they’ll be getting from their partners. After all its valentine’s day, a day for two not one. So, getting your man a gift this valentine might just be the best thing you would ever do for your relationship. Studies shows that men seldom forget women, who, often times spoil them rotten, so, surprise him, spoil him, and give him a valentine he won’t forget.

Choose a Valentine’s Day gift for him that suits his lifestyle and tastes. Whatever his personality, choose from a variety of gifts that he can use at home, in the office or on the playing field. be creative about it. If you not sure ask him, but don’t be too obvious. It’s important that whatever gift you choose is truly sentimental and conveys your appreciation for your man.

What to get your man!

Here are some of the timeless suggestions, take it from a dude, it works!


Remember that old saying: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” A lot of ladies underrate the power of cooking your man his favorite homemade dish. Set up a romantic meal. If you want to go all-out on food, make your guy a beautiful Valentine’s Day dinner. Send the children away to their grandparents just for a day. After-all this is your day with your man.  “Presenting your Man with food is a tangible demonstration that you care”.


Expensive would be ideal, however work within your budget. Cologne is a classic Valentine’s Day present, so remember to get him his favorite perfume, you are allowed to be creative about it, if you want try something different, just remember to stay close to what prefers.


As stated before, dudes are not the same, so if your man is a book worm, then get him a good book. If he is big on poetry then either get him a poem-book or take him to poetry sessions, this would really be nice especially since its valentine’s day.


Watches range in various sizes, types and prices. Choose a watch that suits his lifestyle. If he spends a lot of time in the water, choose a waterproof or water-resistant watch which can be submerged. If he likes military gear, choose a military watch or a watch with a camouflaged band. For the athlete, choose a watch made to survive knocks and scrapes sustained in rough athletic play. Give the businessman a watch that clearly displays the date as well as the time.  Every time he looks at the watch, you can be sure that he will always remember who bought him… 🙂


If you’re dating a dude who’s really into music, get him a present that’s in line with his interests; get him a jay z CD if he’s into hip hop.  It would be a nice and thoughtful gesture to get him a musical instrument if he’s one of those who can play an instrument. If it were me, I’d really appreciate a piano/keyboard, a base or an acoustic guitar….. 


 “Couples, who play Xbox together, stay together

  -Mo 🙂

Look, before you start complaining, please note that “all” dudes today play games….ayt!! . You got to understand that, Gaming is to us what shopping is to yall, so instead of complaining that he does not have time for you, grab a console and join in.  Besides, Gamers Are Low Maintenance, much as gaming enthusiasts enjoy going out on a date, he will have no qualms with staying in. A cozy at-home date ordering takeaways and curling up on the couch is right in his comfort zone.

So, as you work through your valentine list for your man, remember to get him a nice game, you can get him Fifa14, or Call of Duty Ghosts etc. Trust me on this one, I got your back, you won’t go wrong.


So there you go, forget yourself once on this Valentine’s Day and put your man and his needs 1st. you will forever be number one in his life, with good reason.


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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