Lydia; her Grace, Faith and Wealth

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“And a certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, which worshipped God….” (Acts 16:14)


By Aubrey AJ Moeketsi
Known for her strong work ethic, a city girl from Thyatira, daughter of the most high, a worshiper of the Living God of Israel. A wife, a business woman, an intercessor, a kingdom underwriter. Her name is Lydia; the color purple is often used synonymously with her – for it was the very fabric that set her on a course to success, it turned her into a sharp business woman of note. Lydia is one of the New Testament’s strong women used by the Lord to underwrite the work of the kingdom of God. She used her resources to cater for God’s eminent Apostle in the book of Acts 7:8.
Lydia was not known for the prophetic like Deborah, neither was she known for her beauty like Queen Esther. Lydia was known for her strong business acumen, a Christian woman prospering in business. This was the legacy of Lydia; a perfect balance between God, Business and family!
In this Blog we will look extensively into the life of one of the significant biblical characters named Lydia, we will find out who exactly was Lydia, where she came from and most importantly, what sets her apart from the rest of her female counterparts in bible.

She stayed in Phillipe

Philippi was a roman colony, meaning it was a “miniature” of Rome. If Rome was a great empire in the world at that time, then Philippi had to be a replica of Rome the mother city. In the ancient world, colonies had to be replicas of empires that colonized them, hence the name colonies. Philippi was the capital of the province of Macedonia, it was not just a capital but a leading city in the district of Macedonia (Source; Acts 16:12). This means that there were many cities in Macedonia, but Philippi in Macedonia was an affluent & a leading city. It was a city near the Sea, a very beautiful geographical location in Macedonia. What I find intriguing is the fact that Lydia, a woman of God lived this particular city. She resided in an affluent part of Macedonia, a great city. She was apparently a person of considerable wealth for she could afford to stay in such an affluent & leading city. Lydia was therefore a city girl. The fact that Philippi was an affluent city; this tells you about the socio-economic status of people who stayed there. This means that people who dwelled in this particular city where well-off individuals; People who can afford stay in cities, but affluent people stay in leading & affluent cities, Lydia stayed in an affluent City.
Here‟s another interesting fact about God our father; God called a city girl into ministry; God looked over into an affluent suburb and found himself a woman in the city, he called her and used her to advanced his kingdom. God did not ask Lydia to forsake her wealth and follow Paul, but He used her, wealthy as she was. That‟s God!

She was a business woman

The City Lydia stayed in was famous for the color purple; among the ruins of the city, inscriptions have been found relating to the guild of dyers in that city in ancient times. This city was known for its appreciation of the color purple. People who stayed in Philippi cherished fabric dyed in purple color. The number one product that affluent people in Philippi consumed at that time was textiles made in purple. Lydia happened to the seller of the color purple in the city (Acts 16:14). She was in the business of manufacturing and selling cloths dyed in purple color.

There are so many revelations in this passage;

Number one;

Lydia was not only a city dweller, but she knew the need of the city, affluent people have a strong taste for luxury, the color purple was in high demand in the city at that time. Lydia knew her client-base so well for she stayed in the same city, this meant that she was well positioned to meet the needs of the city.

“God will position you in the right place, at the right time, all you need to do is to be aware of your surroundings, know your city, and understand your location. This also relates to one’s chosen field of study, do you know why you’re in the field you are in today“?
Number two;

She provided the much needed product. They needed a product and she manufactured it and sold it to them. Rich people don‟t always ask for a price, they ask for quality and class, Lydia sold both. The color purple is a representation of luxury, Lydia sold luxury. The industry Lydia operated in was the industry of luxury, boutiques. Can you imagine a woman of God in such an industry; I can, I know her name; it‟s Lydia.
“When God places you in a particular field of study, or in a specific geographical location, you owe it to yourself to find out why God moved you into that specific geography…there’s always a divine reason why, find that out!

The Color purple

The color purple also stands for royalty; it‟s the color of kings, the rich and the affluent. It‟s a representation of luxury. You don‟t sell luxury to peasants. Village dwellers don‟t have time to invest their hard earned money in luxury. Its kings who will appreciate your product, it‟s normally the rich and the affluent who will appreciate what you carry. God will place you in an environment where your clients will be able to locate you. Lydia was well positioned! “Lydia, kings are waiting for your product; Arise Lydia and God will shine on you. Open that business, start that NGO in Jesus’ Name!”
Lydia was known as a kingdom underwriter
When Paul moved into the city of Philippi, God touched a well-resourced woman to cater for the needs of his servant. God used a Christian-business woman to attend to the needs of kingdom workers. God found Lydia and opened her heart and she became Paul‟s greatest help until he left the city. At this time the person who was well positioned to can assist in advancing the kingdom‟s ideology was Lydia. When Paul the servant of the Lord came into the city, he found Lydia worshiping in church with a group of women; Lydia kept a company of women who sought the Lord. I call them “a company of Lydia”, these where city women who devoted much of their time in prayer (source; Acts 16:13).
“You think that God cannot raise an army of well-resourced business women who also pray, well think again..”

One of the key purposes why God prospers his children materially is primarily because God wants us to be well positioned financially in order to underwrite his kingdom. Every kingdom has underwriters. A kingdom is an ideology, and every ideology needs supporters and underwriters. It would seem like every other kingdom in the world has underwriters but ours.. But we thank God for raising woman such as Lydia! The whole purpose why Lydia appeared in the picture was to help underwrite the work of the kingdom. That was her purpose in the kingdom. She was not called as a prophet like Deborah nor was she called to function as Queen like Esther; she was called as a kingdom underwriter. God called a business woman!

Characteristic of Lydia:

Beyond her money, fame and wealth, Lydia was known as a church girl. This is a girl that met regularly with a group of women at the city gate to pray, (Source; Acts 16:13). Lydia stayed in Europe, according to many theologians; she was one of the first people to embrace Christianity in Europe through Apostle Paul.

Who was Lydia?

– She was first and foremost a worshiper of the Lord (Acts 16:14)

– She was business woman

– an employer (Acts 16:14)

– She was a woman of class

– she sold class, the color purple.

– She was a city girl

– stayed in an affluent and leading city

– She was an affluent woman used by God

It‟s important to note that before Lydia was a business woman, she was a lover of the Lord, a worshiper before she was a business woman. I mean Paul found Lydia in church; they met in a place of worship. Lydia was a worshiper of God – she pursued God. How good and pleasant it is to know that one can be a successful business person who also “majors” in prayer and worship. It‟s a myth that we cannot achieve a balance between the two. We learn this from the life of Lydia that it‟s possible. All we need is grace to handle both. God used Lydia to demonstrate to us that it‟s possible to achieve a perfect balance between Ministry, Business and Family. The character of Lydia is very much important for the New Testament Church because it‟s through her life that we learn the importance of balancing spirituality and life. This is imperative because a lot of Christian families fail to strike a balance between these three fundamental principles and this has unfortunately led to untold harm done to the Family and ministry.
She was a worshiper before she was a business woman
This is the legacy of Lydia; “capacity to use ones fortune to underwrite the Kingdom of God, and to possess sufficient grace to handle the Family, Business and Ministry, its possible….”

No Partiality with God

I love the fact that Lydia was a woman and that she was wealthy too. It will seem like God was using Lydia to break the traditional stereotype that God cannot use wealthy individuals to advance his kingdom. Indeed there is no partiality with God; He is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34); the same God who prospered and favored males, is the same God who „ill rise up and prosper a female in the same manner. Lydia was a woman who was graced to operate in financial favor.

These are excerpts from my up-coming book titled; “Kingdom Underwriters”.


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