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The Gay Bible

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Religion


By Aubrey Moeketsi

The nation of America never ceases to amaze me, it seems that whatever the American people want – they will get, and that by any means neccesary, from the natural resources belonging to other countries, to even the “divine”.

I find it interesting to note that America considores its self to be a christian nation, however if u would evaluate the american culture,you will discover that it is the most abhorrent and very destructive culture in all the world. I have noticed that in America the only thing wrong there is “terrorism and niggers or black people”, otherwise premarital Sex, Homosexuality, drugs, Feminism, Atheism, Communism and war are all celebrated there, from reality TV’s to Hollywood produced movies.

The Gay community of america have decided to publish their own Gay Bible, which will removes all références to being gay as sin. It was published last year at the end of November 2012. It is called the “Queen James” bible, because the authors believe that King James was a homosexual king who also slept with women. So in naming this version the Queen James Bible, instead of the King as we have it, the publishers assert that they are duly honoring the king.

Those releasing the book claim that the book prevents “homophobic culture” from being a distraction to those seeking to study the teachings of Jesus Christ. The publishers say that there was no mention of homosexuality in the bible until 1946 when the revised version was released to the public. They also claim that this version is often misinterpreted.

One change made to the bible is that of Leviticus 18:21-22  “Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination.”  Instead, it says, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind in the temple of Molech: it is an abomination.”  This argues that gay culture started as a pagan practice and is only banned when the acts are done in the name of paganism.

“King James’ many gay relationships were so well known that amongst some of his friends and court, he was known as ‘Queen James,’” the book says on its website. “It is in his great debt and honor that we name the Queen James Bible so.”

With this kind of bible produced in america, you can be sure that it will be a matter of time before it goes viral all over the world.

i have an appropriate solution to the gay community of America (and the world), instead of altering the infalliable word of God to suits your needs and to make u feel good about homosexuality (and in a process contravening the warning in REV 22:18-19 that “If any man shall add to or take away to the Word of God, God shall add unto him plagues that are written in the book”), instead of modifying the immutable Word of God, what you need to do is to refute and reject the authority of the bible in its entirety, because it is not only in Leviticus 18 that the act is strongly condamned, but also in the new testament (see Romans 1: 26-27 and 1peter 1: 25-27, so will you guys in the future modify those as well?), my advise is simple, reject God, and Jesus like the Atheist do, by doing so you won’t have to keep altering the bible to make you feel good. The bible is not the bill of rights which can be amended to suit people.


pastor Mandla Nxumalo

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Religion


“may his soul rest in peace”

By Aubrey Moeketsi

the death of pastor mandla mxumalo has came as a real shock to most of us who knew him, i once attended a crusade where he was preaching and i was inspired by both his level of success (business-wise) and how he disected the word of God that day….

what inspired me most is how he made it from a poor broke rural boy to a succesful business man…the manner in which he died really left me in total shock….

how can a man of God die like a common thieve?

All three of them (him and his two body guards) were attacked by angry workers who hacked them to death….
how can this be? he had two body guards that day…God was there too….who do we blame, how can humans do this? was he a fraud?was he a con-artist who preyed on vulnerable poor unemployed ppl?…was it a set up?…..*only God knows*

whatever the case, he inspired me

May his soul rest in peace!

Tonnex chooses a Gay life-style.

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Religion


By Aubrey Moeketsi


 One song that Tonex (Anthony Charles Williams II) is WELL-KNOWN for, which also helped catapult him into one of the most celebrated gospel singer in the gospel arena was the song “Lord make me over again”, which was well received in the Christian–world globally. Tonex was also known for his eccentric style and vertiginous high notes which helped made him one of the most acclaimed praise singers of the past decade and for a time successful.

He had a certain hip hop swagger and the status of a sex symbol. His live performances were very eccentric & left his fans gasping for more – but at the same time it also left some “orthodox” Christians wondering if he really were a Christian or just an entertainer. His live double CD “out the box” won him six trophies at the 2005 Stellar Awards, gospel’s most prestigious event in America.  Tonex (was) a multitalented artist who was also a pastor at the church founded by his late father (Dr. Anthony Williams)

In 2005 tonex divorced after 4 years of marriage to Yvette graham and In June 2010 the brand TONEX the Christian artist retired. Tonex was a welcome guest at all the biggest black churches in America and beyond, a regular presenter at the BET gospel shows, & a headliner at gospel festivals  UNTIL mid-September 2010 in which he came out publicly on  the television show known as Lexi and admitted that he was Gay and content with it.

This is what he had to say about his stand on the whole issue:

 “ I just want to put this disclaimer out there. Cause many times you hear peolple blame their sexual experiences or explorations on molestations or rape. And , I just wanna say that yes I was indeed molested,true. I was exposed to things that I obviouslyat that age you shoulndt be exposed one opens up a box of awarness.however, iam not blaming those situations on the choices I made later

 He went on to say suggest that “a homosexual relationship can be as godly (or ungodly) as a heterosexual one.

Since the show his relationship with the mainstream gospel industry was effectively over, Tonex went from being just another sinner to a heretic in the mainstream Christian world.

 In December 2011 he re-emerged as B-slade (one on the left on the picture) the gay artist.

 One cannot mention tonex story without comparing it to that of Donnie mcClurkin , Both tonex and Donnie mClurkin  came out publicly and openly acknowledge their desires. But the difference between them both is that one choses to leave the lifestyle and inspire others to come to God with their struggles and be made whole while the other (tonex/B-slade) choose to continue in the life style and is happy with it.

Its also very important to note that both tonex and Donnie Mc-Clurkin were sexually abused as kids, they were molested as teens as well and according to Donnie from then on the seed of pervetion was sown in their lives.

Altimately the purpose of this blog is not to use Donnie Mc-Clurkin as a barometer & platform to crucify Tonex. Both men have impacted the lives of christians not only in America but globally – even in the circular world. Both men are saved and will forever be as such because according to ROMANS 11 v 29 it says “ for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance” (KJV).

I personaly feel that it is not our duty as chrsitans to judge, crucify and persecute Tonex our brother. He is still gifted and anointed as before, it is our duty as christinas to LOVE, all of us are sinners in one way or the other.

Both Donnie and Tonex needs our fervent prayers, because one is right where the devil wanted him and the other is and will forever struggle and fight homosexuality because NOBODY CONDEMS HOMOSEXUALITY BUT GOD HIMSELF.